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About Us

I'm a nerdy Mom. Really. Like a super geek.

You probably wouldn't believe it if I told you I studied at Yale. (I actually did). And if I read every NYTimes article on babies, parenting, and education before my first son (I have two) was even born. Sad but true.
I'm the kid who literally wore a t-shirt with the Periodic Table of the Elements on it to my high school chem class. Naturally, I thought educational t-shirts were a fabulous idea for my son who wasn't really that interested in learning his alphabet. He always seems to remember whatever ridiculous phrase was on his shirt, no matter how dumb or commercial it was. It drove me crazy.

                                                                                                                                                                        It actually worked for him, but I'm sure this doesn't come as a shock to anyone that no one really googles for an educational t-shirt, because why would you? Okay, some of you will because you are awesome like that. So I have some sweet designs floating around just for you, and I'll keep adding more.

Most people, wait, who are we kidding? Moms want fun shirts for their kids that will look cute on Instagram or for Grandma to post to her Facebook friends so she can gleam with how adorable and pretty her Granddaughter is, never how smart she is. Let's work on that.
So what IS Little Cutees? Little Cutees is Modern Style for Modern Kids. The kids shirts are unisex, or meant to push the boundaries of stereotypes. The adult designs are mostly for Moms who want the best for our kids, ourselves, and our communities. And heck yes, we need a little fun too.