Feel Better with MORE ENERGY & VITALITY... Fast!

Feel Better with MORE ENERGY & VITALITY... Fast!

Feel Better

 Have you guys heard of Qi Gong?

It's a practice that can help you feel better with more energy, manage stress and anxiety, sleep better, and improve your overall health and wellness. 

One of the most challenging aspects of being a Mom... is having boundless energy on little to no sleep, and just staying healthy with so many preschool and school germs with so little time!

Let's be more precise. There are always grocery runs, snacks to prepare, laundry to wash, noses to wipe, sporting events and music lessons to attend! 

Quite some time ago, I was introduced to an ancient Chinese energy practice as a holistic method for stress release and relaxation.

While there are different postures similar to yoga, it is is gentler and more like tai chi. It is more meditative in nature.

I do like to attend yoga classes, however, I find that the cost and time consumption can be  prohibitive. With Qi Gong, I like that I don't have to leave the house, change clothes, brush my hair... or much of anything at all!

Qi Gong involves gentle flowing movements, and slow diaphragmatic breathing.

Better Health

Like anything, there have been outlandish claims about it's health benefits.

I have personally found that it helps me to recover from viruses much faster. I might be "better", but still have my energy at a negative number. Qi Gong seems to help me start to feel more like myself without a vacation.

I also use it for the days I woke up early to work out, only to find out that I have no energy to walk on the treadmill, never mind anything else!

Of course, it is hard to believe you might not live to be 200 years old!

Qi Gong is great for anyone who:

  • can't get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep
  • needs more overall energy to speed recovery
  • suffers from chronic stress or anxiety
  • has trouble falling or staying asleep
  • is seeking greater balance and inner peace

This practice can also be done anywhere! It's great to enjoy as a quick break when children are napping, or early in the morning, or even late evening. It is extra nice to be in a naturally lit room, perhaps with some trees or flowers visible outside. 

How to Feel Better

Here are two Qi Gong workouts you can do for free at home!

I find it generally helpful to turn notifications off on my phone, and play the videos on a different device, if I can.

There is very little for you to do. Simply stand comfortably, and press play on the video! You follow the instructions and the movements and see how you feel.

Even as little as 7 minutes, can make a powerful difference to your day!

 Have more time, or need even more energy? This video is also very helpful.

I hope these tools can help you! Let us know!!

Be well, stay well. 



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